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Units Converter

There are currently a large number of units to measure each physical quantity. This is because, on the one hand, in certain regions their own units were used, which has led to a large number of them, and on the other, it is sometimes necessary to use units that allow us to obtain smaller values and with which We find it easier to work. n any case, the scientific community recommends using only the units of the International System and if our magnitudes are not in this system, we will usually have to transform them to an equivalent value.

Unit Conversion
Length Feet to meters
Meters to feet
Centimeters to millimeters
Millimeters to centimeters


Data Formats Conversion

Surely on some occasion you have needed to convert files to a different format in order to use them with other programs or make them compatible with your mobile devices and you have not always had the right programs installed for it. With these tips you won’t need them!

The advantages of converting files online

The arrival of SSDs to computers has improved their performance, but it has also considerably reduced the storage space available to install programs, so you may not always have the right software installed to transform the files to the appropriate formats. Luckily, there are some free and online tools on the internet, with which you can transform to other file formats without installing additional programs on your computer.

All you will need to do so will be an Internet browser and a data connection. Since you do not need to install any type of program to change the files to other formats, this online file conversion system, in addition to optimizing the space on your hard drive, will allow you to make file format changes on work teams where System administrators have blocked the software installation. Something very common in office equipment.